投資職責 投資職責 投資職責 差價合約(CFDs)是以差數進行交易的複雜金融產品。由於杠杆緣故,交易差價合約需要承受虧損的高風險,76.14% 的零售客戶在交易差價合約CFDs產品時有所虧損。您需要懂得CFDs的交易原理以及您是否能承受虧損的高風險。 差價合約 (CFD)是以差數進行交易的複雜金融產品。由於杠杆緣故,交易差價合約需要承受虧損的高風險,79.83% 的零售客戶在交易差價合約CFDs產品時有所虧損。您需要懂得CFDs的交易原理以及您是否能承受虧損的高風險。
交易職責: 投資差價合約CFDs產品有重大的虧損風險。

FxPro attained two titles at the Global Brand Awards 2018

20 October 2018, London. FxPro has raised the bar in the FX industry since the company has received two prestigious titles at the Global Brand Awards 2018, the “Best Spread Betting Provider, UK” and the “Best Execution Provider, Global”.

These awards recognize the exceptional service of FxPro and thus reward the performance of the company with the ultimate global recognition.

In order to achieve such a high standard and accreditation, FxPro was appraised by an external research team which was constituted to evaluate the nominees. Data was collected by the team from various, different sources, including third party data providers and annual reports.

The research team mentioned that

“FxPro has been doing really well showing excellence in the field of Forex, and has thus been qualified and won an award with us.”

On January 25, 2019, the Global Brands Magazine will host the 6th edition of its Global Brand Awards at the Banyan Tree Hotel in Macau.

The Global Brand Awards representative also commented:

The award is a testimony for FxPro, who has performed extraordinarily well and has achieved brand excellence over the last few years.”

Charalambos Psimolophitis
Ilya Holeu
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