投資職責 投資職責 投資職責 差價合約(CFDs)是以差數進行交易的複雜金融產品。由於杠杆緣故,交易差價合約需要承受虧損的高風險,74.02% 的零售客戶在交易差價合約CFDs產品時有所虧損。您需要懂得CFDs的交易原理以及您是否能承受虧損的高風險。 差價合約 (CFD)是以差數進行交易的複雜金融產品。由於杠杆緣故,交易差價合約需要承受虧損的高風險,77.37% 的零售客戶在交易差價合約CFDs產品時有所虧損。您需要懂得CFDs的交易原理以及您是否能承受虧損的高風險。
交易職責: 投資差價合約CFDs產品有重大的虧損風險。

Introducing the new FxPro Blog

15 August 2018, London. As part of our commitment to delivering the latest global news, FxPro is delighted to announce the launch of the new and improved FxPro Blog, FxPro News.

Putting the trader’s convenience as a top priority, FxPro has created a new design and a user-friendly navigation system while also adding new features, such as widgets and forex quotes and expanding the capabilities of technical analysis.

FxPro Chief Marketing Officer, Ilya Holeu, commented:

“FxPro has recently seen significant growth of its products and services portfolio. We hope that this new space will become a professional hub that will unite traders from all over the globe”

FxPro News features Analysis and Insight, Daily Economic Events, Daily Forex Outlook, Market Snapshots, Brokers News, Economic Calendar and Quotes. FxPro News will be regularly updated with up-to-date live news, thorough market analysis, empirical advice and much more.

Visit FxPro News for the latest news right at your screen.

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Ilya Holeu
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