投資職責 投資職責 投資職責 差價合約(CFDs)是以差數進行交易的複雜金融產品。由於杠杆緣故,交易差價合約需要承受虧損的高風險,78.90% 的零售客戶在交易差價合約CFDs產品時有所虧損。您需要懂得CFDs的交易原理以及您是否能承受虧損的高風險。 差價合約 (CFD)是以差數進行交易的複雜金融產品。由於杠杆緣故,交易差價合約需要承受虧損的高風險,80.59% 的零售客戶在交易差價合約CFDs產品時有所虧損。您需要懂得CFDs的交易原理以及您是否能承受虧損的高風險。
交易職責: 投資差價合約CFDs產品有重大的虧損風險。

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FxPro: our 2019 in review
17/12/2019, 10:00

Everything FxPro has one in 2019 was for the benefit of our traders and we are very pleased to announce the key metrics and achievements of the year!

The highlights

+ 1 partne

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28/11/2019, 10:00

2018年5月24日,倫敦 在線經紀商FxPro與邁凱輪車隊很高興的宣佈雙方已籤署多年讚助協

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FxPro to sponsor Butterfly Ball Monaco 2019
25/09/2019, 10:45

September 25, London – FxPro is pleased to announce a sponsor partnership with the Butterfly Ball Monaco charity fundraiser event, set to take place later this year.

The Butterfly Ball Monaco

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The FxPro Sailing Team wins silver in international competition
14/07/2019, 09:42

July 14, Porto Cervo – The Invitational Smeralda 888 regatta concluded today with the FxPro “Beda” Sailing team finishing an impressive 2nd place in testing conditions. The team took their place on

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FxPro presented brand new Educational section
23/06/2019, 09:35

June 23, London – Following our customers’ needs, FxPro has improved its Trading Academy, and is pleased to announce about the new Educational section launch.

Now all information is present

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FxPro was awarded as the 'Most Reliable Broker of the Year 2019'
15/05/2019, 10:45

May 15, London – FxPro became the International Investor Award Winner and was named the “Most Reliable Broker of the Year 2019” by Global Markets.

This status is confirmed as well by the wo

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20/04/2019, 12:35

FxPro因其服務質量在‘2019在線個人財富獎 ’中獲得‘最佳外匯提供商’與‘最佳平闆應用’獎。



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FxPro 上線最新‘FxPro Direct後颱’移動程序, 提高交易者個人賬戶體驗。
30/03/2019, 14:53

倫敦,2019.3.30—FxPro, 被英國《金融時報》和《投資者編年史》評選爲“2018年最佳經紀商”的經紀公司,最新推出FxPro Direct 後颱移動程序。


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