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Swap Short: 324.69 Points

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Instant execution

最低: 85.00
平均: 97.72

Market execution

MT4 / MT5 / FxPro Markets
最低: 85.00
MT4 / FxPro Markets
平均: 95.87
平均: 78.01
最低: 24.00
平均: 49.89

Trading Conditions

MT4 / MT5 Limit and Stop Level0.0150
cTrader Limit and Stop Level0
Used Margin (1:100 leverage rate) in US Dollar1000 X EURUSD Rate
Minimum contract size0.01 lot
MT4 / MT5 1手單位100000 EUR
1 TICK value per 1 lot in USD10 / USDMXN Rate
Minimum step for increasing contract size0.01 lot
Margin requirements to open a lock position*0

Market execution

MetaTrader 4
Minimum: 85.00
Maximum: 97.72
MetaTrader 5
Maximum: 78.01
FxPro Markets
Maximum: 95.87

Trading Conditions

MT4 / MT5 Limit and Stop Level:0.0150
cTrader Limit and Stop Level:0
Swaps (Long& Short) per Annum:
Minimum contract size:0.1 lot **
MT4 / MT5 / CTrader 1 lot size:100000 EUR
1 PIP value per 1 lot in USD:10 / USDMXN Rate
Minimum step for increasing contract size:0.01 lot
Margin requirements to open a lock position*:0
Max Exposure:
Execution Mode:
Trading Hours:

1: Available to clients of FxPro UK Limited and FxPro Global Markets Limited.

Trading CFDs on Cryptocurrencies is currently not available to clients of FxPro Financial Services Ltd and FxPro Global Markets MENA Ltd.

Trading time (UK time) 10:00 PM Sunday - 10:00 PM Friday

* - Only if Margin Level > 100%

** Abnormal market conditions refers to section 6.12. of our Order Execution Policy

For USDCNH Maximum volume per ticket is 10 lots. Fixed spreads shall only apply for ‘Instant Orders;’ all other order types shall be subject to the Order Execution Policy.
The above spreads are applicable under normal forex trading conditions. FxPro has the right to amend the above spreads according to market conditions as per the 'Terms and Conditions of Business'.

Outside of Mexico, the EUR/MXN currency combination is rarely traded, yet it can be an ideal choice for those with a high risk threshold. The performance of the pairing is dependent upon the correlation between two major economies: those of Mexico and the Eurozone. The financial statuses of these locales are driven by highly divergent factors, and this makes the combination highly volatile and erratic. It is for this reason that it can be the perfect choice for the experienced libertine, offering the potential for rewards as high as the risks.

If you think that the EUR/MXN pairing would be the ideal addition to your portfolio, contact FxPro today.

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